Corporate responsibility

At SORAINEN, we align our business aspirations with social values. We are committed to positively contributing to society and care deeply about developing leaders for tomorrow as well as entrepreneurial initiative. We make the following commitments:

Our personnel
We believe that delivering the highest level legal service means attracting the best people. We aim to create a personnel-friendly supportive working environment where individuals are positively challenged by their everyday work and enjoy the team spirit. Pragmatically, the firm understands that demanding maximum contribution from personnel implies being a family-friendly firm so that families will support our personnel. With SORAINEN Estonia winning the award of "the most employee- and family-friendly company" in 2009 and the award of "the most family-friendly company" in Estonia in 2010, it is verified that we have been successful in achieving those goals. We are proud of our supportive culture with its career development and motivation system. See more about our human resource policies under the Careers section.

Legal community and law students
One important goal for SORAINEN is to participate in the legislative process in every jurisdiction in which the firm operates. SORAINEN is also involved in the law making process through participation in bar associations advising government.
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SORAINEN lawyers also share their know-how with aspiring young lawyers by giving lectures to law students in prominent local universities and abroad. In Estonia, partner Carri Ginter, who lectures in European Law at the University of Tartu, received the "Lecturer of the Year" award in 2009. All SORAINEN offices offer possibilities for student traineeships and organise Open Doors Days for students. In Estonia SORAINEN also organises annual thesis contests for students finishing their Master's degree.

SORAINEN regularly contributes to organisations involving talented young people interested in law such as the European Law Students' Association, the Estonian Law Students' Association, the Estonian Debating Society, the Estonian Moot Court and the Lithuanian Moot Court. These organisations help law students gain practical experience while studying. The law firm also supports and is active in projects in Belarus initiated by law faculties of universities in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. SORAINEN supports the library at Riga Graduate School of Law, the premier law school in the Baltic region, considered the best equipped law library in the Baltics.

Economic environment
SORAINEN regularly delivers lectures and seminars on business law topics abroad as well as to local business communities, in cooperation with local organisers or by arranging SORAINEN seminars.

SORAINEN is also involved with the following organisations that contribute to developing the local economic environment:

SORAINEN provides free legal advice to the Estonian Development Fund created by the Estonian Parliament. The Fund's mission is to contribute to creating Estonia's future by initiating positive changes and developing the venture capital market.

SORAINEN was part of the initiative group founding the Estonian Venture Capital Association (EstVCA) that aims to develop the local private equity and venture capital industry and to enhance a culture of ambitious and entrepreneurial thinking.

In Latvia, SORAINEN is an active member of the Latvian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association. In Lithuania, SORAINEN is in the initiative group establishing a local private equity and venture capital association.

SORAINEN supports development of innovative entrepreneurial initiatives by contributing to Connect Estonia, a private initiative-based support network for growth business.

Responsibility to wider communities
In line with our commitment to the general community, a priority is to support students at all levels. Our rationale is that positive educational experience plus practical entrepreneurial assignments creates a base on which to build a successful life both personally and professionally. Our aim in supporting the following programmes is to help develop the leaders of tomorrow:

SORAINEN was a strategic supporter of SINA (Suured Ideed Noorte Algatusel, in English "Great Initiatives from Young People"), the first programme in Estonia to support young social entrepreneurs. Each year a growing number of high school students, mentored by top business people, carried out projects with a positive effect on the community in 2007-2011. Project initiatives were proposed by students themselves.

SORAINEN supports a new focus for Noored Kooli (in English "Youth to School"), a programme that aims to bring about positive changes in Estonian education. It invites young professionals to become teachers for two years, giving them excellent leadership experience. SORAINEN targets its support towards finding Estonian speaking teachers to teach in Russian schools. Better knowledge of the Estonian language gives Russian speaking students a better chance to flourish in the Estonian business environment.

Both of these programmes have grown from Heateo Sihtasutus (in English "The Good Deed Foundation"), whose goal is to find and support social projects and organisations that show the greatest potential to solve current problems in Estonian society. The driving idea is to create maximal positive social change. SORAINEN supports this "mother programme".

SORAINEN supports young people studying abroad through Youth For Understanding (YFU), one of the world's oldest, largest and most respected international education exchange organisations.

SORAINEN provides pro bono legal support to Lilleoru Self Awareness Training Center, a non-profit organization, who offers a wide variety of holistic learning opportunities in Estonia and further, contributing to the development and well-being of the entire human being.

In 2015 – the year dedicated to science and innovation at SORAINEN – the firm supported development of scientific and technological studies among students in Estonia by raising donations for the Estonian Physical Society. The Society has initiated – and leads – several science education projects, such as Science Bus, Science Camps, physics, chemistry and biology workshops, compilation and publication of science textbooks.

SORAINEN Estonia is regularly involved in charities supporting orphanages; since 2004 SORAINEN Latvia has been supporting a school for visually impaired children (Strazdumuižas internātskola).

SORAINEN Lithuania has developed a long-term relationship with one orphanage, with visits to the zoo, the theatre, the cinema and lunches together. Our people prepare Christmas gifts for their little friends and take part in the Christmas celebrations. The firm has also established annual scholarships to motivate children to strive for best results in education, the arts and sport.

SORAINEN personnel personally contribute to charity projects: Christmas gifts to families in need, donations to country schools at the beginning of the school year and the Santa run in Riga. SORAINEN Lithuania personnel take part in the annual environmental "Darom" (Let's Do It) clean-up campaign. SORAINEN Lithuania also supports the British Chamber of Commerce, the American Chamber of Commerce and other organisations in their social initiatives.

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