Developing with greedy satisfaction

Solveiga Tīsa

Work with SORAINEN brought an immense challenge, a personal one. Due to the constant firm development endeavours, each separate member of this group of people is urged to decide one's own path of development. With dignity, it addresses personnel as highly valued participants in the labour market, involving them in a dialogue between personal contribution and general goals of the office. It releases the feeling of being responsible, highly appreciated and challenged in a way that no other employer would dare. SORAINEN takes responsibility for the individual personnel member's own chosen path of development, thus gaining utmost trust.

In almost seven years I have finished two institutions of higher education in addition to my master studies, I have visited neighbouring countries more often than I ever would have imagined, I have danced, sung and sat late hours – all with greedy satisfaction. I know what I am doing and I understand why I am doing it. In a very selfish manner I have found a shattering force for ego-raising beyond what I should consider polite and decent.

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