New directions within the same firm

Ieva Andersone

My history with SORAINEN started in the position of a legal assistant in the Corporate Advisory Team while I was still a full-time student. The next couple of years were a period of intensive learning and growth: while completing my legal qualification, I also had to cope with challenging and exciting tasks at work. Although this was not my first legal job, I had never experienced such breath-taking deals and such depth of expertise and enthusiasm as my colleagues conveyed. And, despite some occasional late nights, I was given a friendly hand by the office to help me to cope with the academic demands at the university.

After this busy period I parted from SORAINEN and Latvia for a year while completing my LLM degree at Cambridge. During this year I also understood that I am more interested in litigation and competition law rather than corporate law in which I was engaged before. SORAINEN was very supportive of my wish to change career direction and I was invited back to the firm. Thanks to challenging tasks in my new fields of practice and a cooperative team, I was soon ready to take on new responsibilities and see how I can develop further as a senior associate.

Since then, it has never been boring or routine work. A new case always may take unexpected turns, and I still feel there is a lot to see and experience. There may be many good law firms around, but what makes SORAINEN special for me is its people and their values. It is important that at SORAINEN you can work in a team of creative, smart and friendly colleagues. I learn daily from my colleagues and enjoy brainstorming and sharing ideas, which is quite common here. I can also trust the value judgements and ethics of my colleagues. Last, but not least, SORAINEN pays attention to life and work balance. Provided you organize your business day well, most of us can have enough time for their friends and family, which is often not so common thing in the legal business.

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