Exciting routine in SORAINEN

Mihkel Miidla

It is routine at SORAINEN to handle cases that are both demanding and complex. Granted that the word "routine" may sound dull or have a negative tone, but I am talking instead about a routine that is never boring. No two challenging cases are ever the same and each takes a fair share of dedication and professional work. Individuals who like challenges will find that working with SORAINEN offers plenty of opportunities to tackle cases that are exciting and motivating.

Complicated cases that are often also time critical would be impossible to solve without the support of a dedicated team of professionals. This is no empty statement – SORAINEN personnel have always impressed me. Professional, friendly and humorous are just some of the keywords that come to mind. A good team is a value that makes it possible to work viably on challenging tasks and will leave you in high spirits at the end of the day.

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