Multicultural and multilingual working environment

Luis Felipe Mohando

With SORAINEN you never feel a foreigner. I would even say that it feels great to be a foreigner! Cultural and language differences are respected, accepted and embraced, in the understanding that diverse teams are richer in perspectives and make working together more pleasant and our work product better. At the same time, the firm and your colleagues are constantly trying to integrate the teams, both local and regional, by engaging events and attitudes that forge real trust and friendship. The true pan-regional character of the firm, which makes interaction with colleagues from Belarus, Latvia and Lithuania something of daily life, surely has something to do with that, as sure as the fact that the top management is also multicultural. In other words, where else could an Argentine lawyer, with experience in Buenos Aires and schooling in the USA and Singapore, feel comfortable working in the Baltic States? Probably not very many places ...

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