Success – not a destination but a journey

Kristiina Härms

I started my career with SORAINEN in 1995 as personal assistant (and receptionist) for Aku Sorainen, the founder of our firm. I took a leap into the unknown and have never regretted it. As the first member of the firm's personnel, I still remember clearly calling up real estate agencies in order to find suitable premises for a start-up law firm. I also remember how we borrowed the first computer from our first client and the firm's first Summer Days in Finland with five people.

After a few years of interesting work in Estonia, after establishing our Latvian office and after gaining a BA degree, I was promoted to office manager of our Estonian office, responsible for administrative issues along with supervising support team members of the firm.

In 2006, after 11 years of work experience with SORAINEN, continuing studies, exchange programmes, two university degrees and many late nights and weekends, I became HR manager so that nowadays I am responsible for our HR strategy and people management on a regional level.

I like the saying about success – it is not a destination but a journey. This has been quite a journey full of interesting people and projects, growth and development, hard work and fun! There have been good days and bad days, but when people ask how on earth you have stayed so long then my sincere answer is that I have three main reasons:
1) People – I admire working with such intelligent, ambitious, smart people with great values and sense of humour.
2) Supportive culture of the firm – I have been part of creating the supportive and professional atmosphere and after the Estonian office received the employee- and family-friendly organisation award, I feel that I have succeeded!
3) Constant development – I have been able to learn and develop together with our lawyers and partners and I'm still learning, every day ...

I wish you all an interesting journey, wherever you decide to develop your career, but if you feel that our requirements and values click with yours then we might be the firm for you. Welcome to your journey with us!

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