Early Lessons

Inese Eņģele
Business Development & Marketing Specialist
SORAINEN Latvia office


I started at SORAINEN after leaving my job with a large retail bank where I had been employed for many years. The need for change developed gradually, but increased by the month. Although I was neither going to interviews nor sending out resumes, I was willing to consider offers promising new challenges, when an offer came from SORAINEN. This resulted in relocating to a law firm where you know all your colleagues by their first names. My experience at SORAINEN has taught me many things:

·         Get out of your Comfort Zone

It was a difficult start at SORAINEN, and at first I asked myself, “Why did I leave that job I knew so well and where nothing ever confused me?” It was at a team building workshop that I received a much needed dose of encouragement! We discussed the qualities needed to improve, to embrace getting out of your comfort zone and take the initiative. I succeeded in that.

·         Art of Communication

At SORAINEN, the variety of specialisms leads to a diversity of personalities. This requires using different styles of communication with different people from various departments, something which I am constantly improving my skills at.

·         A Good Team is the Key to Success

The limit to what a team can achieve is represented by the collective effort of its members. SORAINEN is a role model for excellent team work. Recognition of team members is always acknowledged regardless of project size or importance.

 Even though I have worked here for a few years, I felt I was a part of the SORAINEN family right from the start.

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