Life on a Rollercoaster

Triin Toom


I landed at SORAINEN in spring 2013. Since I was just back from six months as an exchange student in Paris and my third year Bachelor’s studies in Estonia were not due to begin until September, it seemed like a good idea to get a glimpse of attorneys’ work as a spring intern. To be honest, I knew very little of SORAINEN at the time. But having heard that their internship was a good experience, I decided to give it a try. So my ending up with SORAINEN was at first quite accidental. Today, I am unspeakably happy for that chance, because my colleagues and SORAINEN’s culture have greatly influenced who I am today.  

Practicing at SORAINEN is like having taken a rollercoaster ride: from the very first day of my internship, I was able to tackle very interesting issues that seemed inexplicably complicated to me at that time; I took part in the Student Academy lectures and SORAINEN events. Several months just flew by, spring turned into summer and I went from intern to legal assistant. As lectures started in the autumn, a time began in my life when I was travelling from Tallinn to Tartu and back practically every day in order to both work and study as much as possible. Today, I have been with SORAINEN for over three years and as I am writing this story, I have just received my Master’s degree. Three years later, I am still on the rollercoaster that I rather accidentally took, and each day keeps bringing new challenges.

Does graduating from the university mean I can move on to a more comfortable merry-go-round?  Probably not. But I wouldn’t want to, either. The ride that I’m on may sometimes feel too fast, but the excitement that comes with it makes the effort worthwhile. And there are also moments when the train gets to a higher point on the track and slows down, offering a moment to enjoy the view and appreciate the cool things that I can indeed work with every day. Also, the challenging moments are enjoyable with good travel companions – SORAINEN’s idea has always been to work as a team and support each other so that everyone can get as far as possible and achieve their personal goals. During my time with SORAINEN, I have always felt that I could ask my colleagues for advice or help if needed, in both work and university matters I know they won’t leave me alone on the rollercoaster, and it will continue to be one hell of a ride!

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