Marathon with sprinter speed

Ann Laevskaya
Senior Associate


My journey with SORAINEN started a few months before graduation from university. Though my first steps in the profession were taken in other law firms, this new experience proved to be genuinely different so I have been with the team for more than eight years already.

Working with SORAINEN is like covering a marathon distance with sprinter speed. Unbelievable? Maybe, but yet it’s possible!

We often waste time by efficiently doing things that should not have been done at all. In our professional development we happen to take a wrong route by undertaking and continuing projects that do not deserve attention, reading books that do not bring value and listening to people with irrelevant experience.

Looking back, I am grateful for the opportunity to do the right things with the right people almost all the time.

SORAINEN is a truly innovative firm, constantly in search of cutting-edge practices, testing and implementing them. So you get the juicy pulp with almost no effort required to find the right fruit.

It is also a truly integrated firm, a rare beast in the region. Sharing practices and procedures, knowledge and software, it also puts a special focus on bringing people together. As a result, more than 200 driven and creative colleagues located in four countries stay pretty close and are prepared to give a hand to each other in any matter, be it a client case, research project or holiday planning.

Finally, SORAINEN people work on the most significant and complex cases, both in-country and beyond. Being part of a team dedicated to finding bespoke solutions for such cases is a perfect milieu for developing legal expertise and professional qualities.

Hence it feels as if, instead of crawling through my development path, I took a bicycle and have both – a nice ride and an impressive distance covered. Still, many miles are waiting ahead.

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