Kiss your career, don’t be shy!

Kelli Eilart
Legal assistant

André Paul Guillaume Gide, the French writer and winner of the 1947 Nobel prize for literature, once said that “man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore”. The first step on any career ladder is hard and takes courage, so it’s nice to know that Sorainen is a solid stepping-stone and good support.

My first contact with Sorainen law firm was as a fresher at law school. I hadn’t completed a single substantive law course at the university yet, but this honestly didn’t seem an obstacle to an internship at Sorainen. So I applied and got selected. The first internship mostly consisted of administrative tasks, as I was truly a “fresh” law student, but an internship it was. I can now say that those very administrative tasks helped me get acquainted with Sorainen’s working culture, processes and, most importantly, the wonderful staff, so it was really easy to blend in afterwards. As the internship ended, I resumed my studies at the university, but the thought of being a legal intern with Sorainen never left my mind.

So, my second internship with Sorainen was during my sophomore year as a law student. I started with the litigation team under the supervision of Carri Ginter, who happened to be my teacher at the university as well. At the same time, I also took the Sorainen Student Academy training programme. My internship and participation in the Sorainen Student Academy led to a job in the Real Estate Team and I have now moved on to the Corporate and M&A Team.

So what does it mean to kiss your career? First of all, only you can build yourself a career as a practitioner of law. If you’re willing to contribute and do the work, you will surely be noticed, and some courage can get you anywhere. So, the first kiss is to take the decision to apply for an internship or job today. Not tomorrow. Secondly, Sorainen Student Academy is a long kiss for your career. This regional training project offers invaluable experience – cooperation with students from other countries, guidance from experts, practical tips from various fields of law that you won’t be given at school. Who, if not you, is going to kiss your career, and if so, why not do it now?

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