Sorainen – the sky is the limit

Justė Grizickaitė
Office Manager
Sorainen Lithuania


When I am asked to tell my success story I always feel slightly uncomfortable – I do not believe in success stories. I think most of them are simply stories of hard work, attempts, failures and a desire to seek more. In my case success played a role when I was invited to join the Sorainen team one day prior to starting a new job in another company. Remembering that, I cannot deny my luck.

Despite an aura of seriousness that usually surrounds law firms, ten years spent with Sorainen has passed by quickly. Though I have to be honest – it has not always been easy. The quality bar is set really high, so you must truly devote yourself to what you do. On the other hand, being surrounded by aspirant people motivates you to grow, improve, wonder and search. It reminds me of a trip to exotic countries – you often face challenges on the way but the impressions and experience make the trip worth it.

Amazing leaders who see your potential and believe in you – even when you lack the confidence yourself – is one of the most valuable aspects in Sorainen culture. Just like your colleagues, who are always ready to share their experience and help you grow, as well as team mates, who offer their support in difficult situations.

Sorainen is a place where the only limit to your possibilities is the one that you set yourself.

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