Baltic Business News: Baltics attracting both local and international equity investors

During the recent Baltic M&A and Private Equity Forum 2012 held on 18 October in Tallinn, the main message from market players was that the Baltics is a market with great potential and they would be ready to invest. However, while many opportunities are available for local investors, often the bottleneck for international investors is not having sufficiently large targets.

The Forum was summarised by moderator Toomas Prangli from SORAINEN: “After mixed feelings by the investment bankers regarding the current status of the Baltic M&A market in general, we saw positive news on the future of Baltic private equity. Representatives of Vaasan, Olympic Entertainment Group and Estonian Post also described how M&A has helped them to grow business faster than otherwise would have been possible. In difficult times we need to think outside the box and hopefully everybody got some ideas how to make or attract equity investments for a brighter future.”

The whole article is available on Baltic Business News Online page.

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