Baltic Business News: Local capital market a necessity, not a luxury

To improve Estonia’s living standard, we need enterprises investing in innovation for growth, for expansion to foreign markets and to offer more than subcontracting. Achieving this requires long-term, patient growth capital, which could primarily be provided by the local capital market, write Aku Sorainen, founder and senior partner with SORAINEN, and Reimo Hammerberg, capital markets partner with SORAINEN and member of the supervisory board of SmartCap.

Access to capital, especially growth capital, is a major issue throughout Europe, notably for small and medium-sized enterprises. It is widely acknowledged that the bank credit market which traditionally provided the capital supply for Europe’s businesses will never fully recover to past levels. Meanwhile, Europe has yet to embrace capital market financing, including venture and private equity investment and corporate bonds.

The whole article is available on Baltic Business News website.

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