Legal Aspects of EU Energy Regulation

In 2005, Oxford University Press published the first edition of the book Legal Aspects of EU Energy Regulation. The subtitle of the first edition was “Implementing the new directives on electricity and gas across Europe”.

This year they published the second edition – The Consolidation of Energy Law Across Europe .The focus of the book is on EU energy regulation in relation to the long-term global goal of establishing a single European market in energy.

Authors from Sorainen who contributed to the second edition are:

About Estonia: partners Carri Ginter and Kaupo Lepasepp, senior associate Kaspar Endrikson,

About Latvia: partner Carri Ginter and senior associate Viktorija Smirnova-Čerkasa,

About Lithuania: partner Carri Ginter and specialist counsel Paulius Koverovas.

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