Seminar: Legal weapons to fight corporate crime directed against your company

Place: Sorainen office, Kr. Valdemāra 21, Riga, Latvia
Time: 23 Nov 2017 09:15 - 13:30
Working language: English

Have you heard of corporate fraud? Did you know that people can steal from your company in other ways? Do you know how to find out if your company is being harmed? Do you know what to do once you find out? And do you know how to secure your company so that stealing and other illegal activities are almost impossible? These are questions we want to discuss with you, because forewarned means forearmed and protected.

Timely warnings and accurate intelligence are crucial in every battle. However, avoiding battle is best of all. Sorainen white-collar investigation experts have chosen key aspects to help prevent the negative consequences arising from corporate crime and choose the best risk mitigation solutions. Our experts will also share their valuable practical experience, with interesting tales of real life cases, securing evidence and attaching property.

To add a close-up view of practical aspects we have invited guest speakers – representatives from the CSI Group with over 100 years’ experience in fraud prevention, compliance and internal investigation.

The event will take place on 23 November 2017 at the Sorainen offices, Kr. Valdemāra 21, Riga, Latvia. Presentations and the language of the seminar will be in English.

Registration begins at 9:15; the event begins at 9:30 and ends at 13:30.

The agenda includes the following topics and speakers:

1. Brief introduction: What is so special about corporate crime?

Agris Repšs, Partner and head of the Sorainen Dispute Resolution Practice Group in Latvia

2. Shareholders’ perspective on corporate liability: Why is it so important to be aware of what company board members, authorised persons and responsible employees are doing here in Latvia?

Dr. iur. Viktorija Jarkina, Counsel and head of the Sorainen White-collar Investigation Practice Area, with Linda Reneslāce, Associate

3.       Corporate crime. How to protect a company?

Darius Raulušaitis, Counsel,  head of the Sorainen Lithuanian White-collar Investigation Practice Area

Jurgita Karvelė, Senior Associate

4.       Practical tips for successful asset-tracing and recovery

Alexander Khaki, CSI Group Executive Director

Alexander Pisemskiy, CSI Group Executive Director

5.       Your management has been stealing – time for action

Dr. iur. Carri Ginter, Partner, head of the Sorainen Dispute Resolution Practice Group in the Baltics and Belarus                   

Norman Aas, Counsel, head of the Sorainen Estonian White-collar Investigation Practice Area in Estonia

Active Sorainen clients (companies and organisations that have used Sorainen services during the past two years) are cordially invited to attend the seminar free of charge (up to two representatives). For other participants a fee of 75 EUR + VAT applies.  

Please inform us of your interest no later than 20 November by filling in the form.

For further information, please contact Anita Galdiņa on e-mail  or call +371 67 365 000. 

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