Opportunities and challenges for investments in "green economy" of Belarus

Time: 24 Mar 2017 – 24 Apr 2017

The «green economy» is one of the current trends of Belarusian social-economic development. The government declares promotion of renewable energy sources usage, waste recycling, and building water-treating facilities, actively attracting investors to these spheres. Investors, in their turn, expect benefits and preferences offered by the government to be transparent and stable.

In the framework of the Belarusian-Italian Forum on the “green economy”, Tatsiana Shyshkarova, head of the Sorainen Energy & Utilities sector group, spoke of opportunities and challenges for potential investors in Belarus.

Belarus creates the necessary conditions to attract investors in general and support of the renewable energy sources sector is especially notable. For example, the threshold for entry is minimised: a company may be registered in just one day with a minimum initial investment.

Investors are offered a range of actual incentives: special regimes in free economic zones, a hi-tech park, small/medium size cities and rural area, within the framework of investment agreements and elsewhere. However, challenges also arise: for example, the length of administrative procedures, including those for obtaining the preferences mentioned above. Establishing a company does not actually mean the start of the project.

Understanding risks, mechanisms for eliminating risk, and taking into account legal regulation at project start may significantly contribute to making profitable investments in «green economy» projects. Tatsiana noted that the safest way to enter the market is to conclude an investment agreement with the Republic of Belarus.

The Belarusian-Italian Forum on the “green economy” was organised on 24 March in Minsk by the Italian Embassy and the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. More than 200 administrative and business representatives from both countries attended the forum.

Please follow the link to read full presentation by Tatsiana Shyshkarova.

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