International seminar: “New URDG 758 in daily practice” and “Letters of credit on the basis of UCP 600”

Place: MONIKA Centrum Hotels, Elizabetes iela 21, Riga
Time: 14 Apr 2011 09:00 – 15 Apr 2011 16:00
Working language: English

The Lithuanian Business Confederation | ICC Lithuania and SORAINEN as organising partner invited interested persons to a two-day seminar on 14 and 15 April on banking guarantees. The target audience of the seminar was mainly banking and industrial personnel working regularly with bank guarantees as well as lawyers.

On 14 April (9:00-17:00) a seminar on "New URGD 758 in daily practice" was held. This was designed for experienced users of bank guarantees. Topics discussed:

  • first experience with using the new URDG in international guarantee business;
  • working on actual case studies;
  • changes since the new rules entered into force;
  • experience report from different countries/jurisdictions.

Dr Andrea Hauptmann was guest speaker at the seminar. Dr Hauptmann is a senior director and head of guarantees at Raiffeisen Bank International, also a member of ICC Austria and delegate to the ICC banking commission since 1997.

On 15 April (9:00-16:00) a seminar on "Letters of credit on the basis of UCP 600" was held. This seminar enabled participants to examine and issue formally correct documents on the basis of UCP 600 and to evaluate texts of letters of credit as to their workability. Topics discussed:

  • letters of credit – overview;
  • letters of credit compared with documentary collections;
  • letters of credit compared with letters of guarantee;
  • possible risks in the documentary business;
  • minimisation of risks;
  • documents under UCP 600 (detailed discussion of documents governed by UCP 600 with special focus on transport documents);
  • discrepant documents;
  • exercises and case studies based on UCP 600;
  • Incoterms 2010 – a short overview.

Mrs Christine Widy was guest speaker at the seminar. Mrs Widy works for Raiffeisen Bank International. In addition to daily business in the letters of credit department she is responsible both for in-house training for colleagues as well as workshops for Austrian exporters. Additionally, Mrs Widy is a trainer for the International Chamber of Commerce.

For a detailed seminar programme in English please click here.

SORAINEN clients were entitled to a 15% discount off the participation fee.  

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