Conference: How will the real estate market develop in Latvia?

Place: Tallink Hotel Riga, Elizabetes iela 24, Riga
Time: 30 Mar 2012 10:00 - 17:00
Working language: Latvian

On 30 March 2012, Tallink Hotel Riga hosted a conference for real estate market professionals on the theme “How will the real estate market develop in Latvia?” organised by the Latvian Real Estate Dealers Association (LANĪDA). The conference was organised in cooperation with law firm SORAINEN. The regional head of the SORAINEN Real Estate & Construction Team, partner Ģirts Rūda, spoke at the conference on “Case law in the field of real estate. Legal experience gained during the crisis” while the regional head of the SORAINEN Tax & Customs Team, partner Jānis Taukačs, delivered a presentation on “Tax topicalities in the field of real estate”.

At two sessions of the conference, professionals from the real estate market provided an insight into the options of a dialogue with the government, as well as analysed the market situation and forecasted development scenarios. Likewise, professionals at the conference shared experience and discussed possible variants to straighten out the market plus new projects and their developers.

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