Green Building Council (GBC) course: Legal requirements and Voluntary Certifications

Place: Metro Plaza, Viru Valjak 2, Tallinn
Time: 3 Jun 2013 09:30 – 21 Jun 2013 17:00
Working language: English

On 3 June, Green Building Council (GBC) in cooperation with Law firm SORAINEN is organising a course on “Legal requirements and Voluntary Certifications”.

A full-day course will provide essential information on the current and impending European and National legislation and international green building rating tools that are increasingly demanded by investors and dramatically changing how buildings are designed, constructed, operated and deconstructed.

Successful students of this course will:

  • •Understand the policy driving EU green building legislation
  • Understand the way such legislation works and how it is evolving
  • •Understand the main current and upcoming requirements in buildings legislation
  • •Understand the future direction of travel for EU green building legislation
  • • Understand the function of green building rating systems and certification
  • • Have basic knowledge of the main rating tools available to the European market
  • • Receive an introduction to the various professional credentials available through each rating system

The GBC has planned a series of courses during 2013 to achieve Green Building Professional Certification.

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