Conference: Tax disputes and litigation

Place: Riga City Council meeting hall, 1st floor, Rātslaukums 1, Riga
Time: 28 Oct 2016 09:30 - 14:00
Working language: Latvian

RMS-Forum, a department of the Riga Managers School, the international conference organiser, was held a conference on “Tax disputes and litigation” on 28 October 2016."

Principal conference topics:

  •  Most recent EU case law in tax disputes.
  • Solving constitutional law tax issues in EU countries and the parallel situation in Latvia.
  • Mediation in tax disputes ‒ foreign experience and topical issues in Latvia.
  • Topical issues in taxation case law in Latvia: examples.
  • How to solve disputes in tax debt cases?
  • Solving pre-trial disputes in tax cases.
  • Tax calculation and payment: problems and solutions.
  • SRS practice in collecting tax debts.
  • Topical problems that occur during SRS audits; main mistakes in application of VAT.
  • Prevention of VAT fraud.
  • Current and future control of international transactions.
  • Term extensions. Consequences of tax liability defaults.
  • Calculation of late payment. Non-contentious collection and others.
  • Tax dispute revision for non-residents.

Jānis Taukačs, a Sorainen partner and head of the Sorainen Tax & Customs Team in the Baltics and Belarus made a presentation on dispute resolution in cross-border tax cases.

To learn more about the conference content (in Latvian), click here.

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