Iryna Miteneva

Iryna Miteneva

Challenging goals and happy maternity
Alumni interview (16 September 2016)
2015-present Director at Skywind Tech BY LLC
2013-2015 Head of Legal at Viaden Media LLC
2008-2013 Sorainen, associate, practised in Tax & Customs, Distribution & Trade, Intellectual Property, Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences, and Insurance.


Message to ex-colleagues

Harmony in everything!

What has happened in your life since you left Sorainen?

I married, got a husky dog and gave a birth to a child – that’s my private life news :).

As for the professional sphere, after leaving Sorainen I started practicing law in IT industry, worked as a Head of Legal for 2 years and now hold a position of director at  Skywind Tech BY, an international gaming software development company.

How did you decide to move from law firm to in-house?

I decided to move to in-house after almost 6 years of practicing law in Sorainen. It was not a sudden decision. I always wanted to compare work in a law firm with work as an in-house lawyer, and to try myself in IT or Pharmaceutical sector. It was interesting to explore a specific industry from the inside. When you work in a law firm and consult a client you are not always aware whether the client followed your advice or not, whether it was useful for the client or not, and in general how your advice influenced client’s business. The last-mentioned was especially important to me, so when I felt that the time has come I changed a job. Of course I had some doubts because I left one of the best law firms in Belarus where I worked on very interesting projects for world-known companies. But in my case it was the right decision at the right moment.

What was your greatest achievement in Sorainen?

It’s difficult to name one greatest achievement but I can say for sure that in Sorainen I established myself as a lawyer and experience there helped a lot for my further achievements outside Sorainen. Frankly speaking, I believe that each lawyer in his/her career is very interested in working in a law firm like Sorainen which has good quality management system.

Your hardest day in Sorainen?

I do not remember one… One of the hardest days was during the first months of work in Sorainen. When I came to Sorainen I was green and at first I was given minor tasks. But one day at the end of working day we received a request from the client. The client wanted us to provide a memo concerning different regulatory aspects of import and circulation of medicines and medical goods in Belarus by the next morning. Minsk office of Sorainen was small at that time and other colleagues were overloaded with other work, so it was delegated to me. My first thought was: oh my god, how can I do this by the morning? But then I realised that it was my chance to show that I am ready for real work, so I bought an energy drink, spent the whole night working, felt exhausted but the memo was ready by early morning and after review of the partner it was sent to the client. That morning I had a feeling that I can do everything.

What do you value most in people?

In my colleagues I value professionalism, loyalty, reliability. And generally I like kind and generous people.

What is your biggest goal in the current position?

My goal is to help business activities of Skywind Group to grow and develop in Belarus in compliance with corporate policy and Belarusian laws. And also I want the people who work with me to be happy at work :)

Name a good book to read.

First that comes to my mind is something like “How to make your baby happy”, as my son is only 2 months now and at the moment I’m reading such books :) And if seriously, it could be “1984” by George Orwell.

Name a good place to travel.

It depends on what you expect from your trip. If you are tired of Europe and strive for new impressions, go to Asia. For a start I would recommend Vietnam, just take a motorbike and go through this country from north to south. You’ll definitely get new unforgettable experience.

What makes you happy?

Smile of my child, trips with my husband, lunches with friends, dinners with parents, a lot of other things. My job of course! I’m a happy person.

Would you be Sorainen’s client?

The company I work for already had some experience of cooperation with Sorainen. Thanks to Alexey Anischenko and Mikhail Sergeenya for their expertise.

What would you wish for your former colleagues?

I would wish harmony – at work, with family, with yourself. And if you don’t like something, start to change things. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

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