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Natalia Yurieva

Drawing lawyer enjoying every single day
Alumni interview (14 September 2016)
2014-present Intellectual Property Counsel at Wargaming
2012-2014 Sorainen, associate, practised Intellectual Property, Information Technology & Data Protection, Commercial Contracts (Trade & Distribution)


Message to ex-colleagues

Enjoy life!

What has happened in your life since you left Sorainen?

I can’t say something changed globally. I’ve got a new job. At the moment I work as IP Counsel in Minsk Wargaming Development Studio, Global Legal Department. This position gives me opportunities to enhance my knowledge and strengthen my expertise mainly in IP and IT spheres.

Also this year I started lecturing on Intellectual Property at Belarusian State University, Faculty of International Relations. During my studies we got a lot of theory and very little information how it all works in practice. So I try to make my lectures different and add more practical value.

Your hardest day in Sorainen?

I would say hardest day and night :) Together with Alexey Anischenko we worked on a set of contracts and memorandum related to construction of the Renaissance Minsk Hotel. We worked the whole day and night. At that moment it was extremely difficult, but now, when walking in the city, looking at this hotel and realising it’s the result of my work, I still feel satisfaction being part of Sorainen great projects.

What do you value most in people?

Sincerity, honesty, decency.

What is your biggest goal in the current position?

At the moment I don’t set big goals, rather small ones: to go on vacation, to buy a new dress :)

Name a good book to read.

Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury – an easy-to-read book about life and how people perceive it.
A Time to Live and a Time to Die by Erich Maria Remarque, that is the last book I read. It’s quite a thought provoking book. While reading I set some parallels with our modern life and pondered over it, this book reminded me about the importance of appreciating every single day.  

Name a good place to travel.

I would recommend Portugal though I’ve never been there myself :) I have a dream to go to this country and it’s on my list of must-visit. It’s Remarque’s books that inspired me, I think Portugal is amazing.

Also I like St. Petersburg. I was born there and visit this city almost every year. It’s a beautiful place with friendly, cultivated people. What I like most there is the special atmosphere, every my trip to this city is a special one.

What makes you happy?

Drawing, it’s really relaxing. This year I’ve been taking academic drawing classes and I couldn’t even imagine that drawing could give such pleasure.  

What was your greatest achievement at Sorainen?

Invaluable experience. Thanks to Sorainen I got good foundation, improved my English, had a chance to work with foreign clients, became more qualified in IP, IT spheres. Without Sorainen there would be no my current position at Wargaming.

How do you keep in touch with Sorainen?

I keep contacts with many ex-colleagues.

Would you be Sorainen’s client?

Wargaming is Sorainen’s client at the moment, we’ve cooperated on some matters.

What would you wish for your former colleagues?

Enjoy life. Achieve work-life balance.


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