Triin Toomemets-Krasnitski

Triin Toomemets-Krasnitski

Some male colleagues' reactions to our surprise Christmas CanCan still crack me up!
Alumni interview (30 September 2016)
Head of Legal at Betsson Group
2013-2016 Senior Legal Counsel at Betsson Group
2008-2012 Group Legal Counsel and General Counsel at Nordic Gaming Group
2005-2008 Sorainen, senior associate and team leader, practised law mainly in the fields of real estate and construction as well as intellectual property


Message to ex-colleagues

Keep up the great work and never lose that Sorainen spirit!

What has happened in your life since you left Sorainen?

I left Sorainen in 2008 for a group legal counsel position with Nordic Gaming Group (NGG). In 2011 I was promoted to General Counsel. In 2012 Betsson Group bought NGG and I continued as senior legal counsel with Betsson. Since August 2016 I hold the Head of Legal position with Betsson. On a personal note, in 2008 I met my now husband on the job at NGG, so going in-house was a very successful move for me :) Joking aside, my in-house experience has really brought me to a new level of understanding of business issues plus enhanced my ability to explain complex legal issues in the briefest and simplest terms possible.

What was your greatest achievement at Sorainen?

Highlight transaction was the sale of SEB's Baltic real estate portfolio. On a personal level, gaining lots of great friends. 

Your hardest day at Sorainen?

The day I submitted my resignation.

What do you value most in people?

Integrity, proactivity, ownership and can-do attitude.

What is your biggest goal and challenge in your current position?

Since my position is quite new at Betsson (Head of Legal), the immediate goal is to make the transition as smooth as possible and hire great new staff members to help with an ever increasing work load. The main challenge is to implement proper procedures for legal review so that the business side knows what to expect from Legal but also knows what is expected from them in order to ensure quality output by Legal. Last but not least, continuous training of both my own team as well as the rest of the organisation; it is way easier to educate people and eliminate problems this way compared to always "cleaning up".

What makes you happy?

My family & being appreciated (both in the home and work setting).

When did you last want to come back to Sorainen?

Every time when I think of the great assistants' team at Sorainen; it goes to show how much a well-qualified support team can help you with your workload. Kudos! And of course every time I attend a Sorainen party :)

How do you keep in touch with Sorainen?

Through work assignments as well as personal relationships.

Name a good book to read. Name a good place to travel.

Stan Phelps' What's Your Purple Goldfish?: How to Win Customers and Influence Word of Mouth.

Best travel destination: hands down New Zealand.

Some wishes to former colleagues! 

Keep up the great work and never lose that Sorainen spirit!

Tell a fun story or share a memory from the times at Sorainen.

It was amazing to be around for the birth of the "Christmas surprise" concept, i.e. when the Sorainen women in TLL office performed the Can-Can and so kicked off a new tradition. Some of the reactions from male colleagues still crack me up when I think back ("I cried and I cried - it was so beautiful!" :) 

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