Shared Mission programme

Sorainen’s core purpose is to grow prosperity in the Baltic States and Belarus by helping clients succeed in business. To support faster recovery of our region from the health and economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we have launched the Shared Mission programme. The programme is dedicated to supporting projects in the Baltics and Belarus that are set up to help solve COVID-19 related issues. We provide free-of-charge (pro bono) legal and tax services to selected organisations. EUR 100,000 worth of support is to be distributed through this programme.

Programme application deadline closed on 19 May 2020.

We have already supported:

  • “Act On Crisis” – a mobile app to be designed to offer psychological support globally – on consumer rights, regulation and data protection matters
  • The UVIRESO team, developing personal ultraviolet light respirators which would kill 99% of the virus in the air exhaled by people, on establishing a form and shareholders agreement form
  • The National Public Health Centre under the Ministry of Health of The Republic of Lithuania developing the mobile application “Quarantine” (“Karantinas”)
  • The “SherLOCK @home” and “ViLTė” projects during the “Hack The Crisis” hackathon
  • Zelos – a mobile app designed to help large teams manage tasks and offering an online community helpline platform  – on data protection matters