Sorainen Student Academy (SSA) is an international free of charge educational programme for law students. It is held annually from September to April across the Baltic states and Belarus.

The application period for Sorainen Student Academy 2021/2022 is closed.
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The programme includes:

  • 8 local workshops, dedicated to specific legal fields and based on real cases; the workshops involve simulation of court sessions, negotiations and client representation
  • international moot court project, where participants from all four countries collaborate on various tasks under the supervision of Sorainen experts (optional)
  • Sorainen Digital Lounge – informal online and offline meetings to discuss non-legal topics with programme participants from all four countries (optional)
  • 3 mentoring sessions for the best Student Academy students (February–April)

Benefits of Sorainen Student Academy:

  • Practical legal knowledge based on the analysis of real cases conducted in an interactive format, including simulation of a court sessions, negotiating and representing the client’s interests and offering legal services to the client
  • Expansion of your professional network and establishment of important professional contacts both locally and regionally
  • Internship for the best students at their local Sorainen office
  • Submercion of the legal profession and different areas of law as well as getting acquainted with Sorainen corporate culture.

What we expect from you:

  • at least one year of law studies under your belt (currently enrolled Master’s degree students are welcome as well)
  • B2 level of English
  • outstanding academic results and/or active participation in other academic activities
  • motivation to learn and develop, proactiveness and positive attitude

Here’s what Sorainen Student Academy 2020/2021 graduates/alumni say:

Participation in Sorainen Student Academy brought vivid and unforgettable emotions that had been so lacking due to the pandemic, various Covid restrictions and distance learning at university. Sorainen Student Academy is an excellent opportunity for novice lawyers to throw themselves into the world of jurisprudence, which is significantly different from the one we learn about and see at university.

Each workshop at the academy is full of interesting cases and discussions, as well as comments and advice from practising lawyers. Sorainen’s lawyers are experienced professionals in their field. Thanks to them, the participants not only learned a lot of new things, but also put their own knowledge into practice. Participation in Sorainen Student Academy also gave me the opportunity to meet like-minded people, with whom it was interesting and instructive to complete various tasks and solve legal cases.

Alumna of SSA from Belarus, Lizaveta Tsianiuta

I would like to express my deep gratitude for my participation in the Sorainen Student Academy! The Academy provides excellent opportunities to view yourself from the outside, to understand legal niceties in detail and begin to develop the qualities that are necessary for a real lawyer.

Alumna of SSA from Belarus, Vanessa Islami

Sorainen Student Academy is a great place not only to get acquainted with various legal fields and learn about their its practical side, but also to meet real experts in their professional fields. During the workshops you will be able to ask questions, provide your assessment of situations and even experience what it means to be a party in a legal dispute. This experience will help you to choose the field that you are interested in.

Alumnus of SSA from Lithuania, Andrius Pilitauskas

Sorainen Student Academy is an absolute must-have experience for a law student. Not only do you get acquainted with diverse areas of law, but also you get a different view from a different angle – with a true lawyer’s eyes. The lecturers are student-friendly and they are not afraid to share some interesting details from their own past experiences. The whole learning process was enhanced not only by lectures, but also by simulations and international activities. SSA definitely had an impact on my career and understanding of the law. 100% recommended.

Alumnus of SSA from Lithuania, Nojus Jašmontas

I was very happy when I received a positive answer to my application for SSA. I remember how worried I was when I joined the first meeting but everyone was so positive and joyful that the stress faded away. One of the partners was so friendly. She even showed how her dinner was cooking. The coordinator Gunvaldis was always very kind and helpful. I truly enjoyed the lecture by Valts Nerets and Agita Sprūde. They both addressed the topics of dispute resolution and arbitration. At that moment, I thought to myself that I would like to be part of their team. Finally, after approximately a year, I am where I imagined myself being then. The people here are always open and ready to answer your questions. They actually want you to ask because that shows your interest and willingness to learn. I am truly grateful for all the knowledge and experience that I gained during SSA, and at the end of my journey, I am happy to say that I am now part of their team, and that means you can be too.

Alumna of SSA from Latvia, Marta Kristiāna Viļuma

SSA offered an excellent opportunity to get a deeper understanding of lawyers’ work, giving practical insights into different areas of the law. Responsive and knowledgeable professionals in their field were able to talk excitingly about theory at each seminar, complemented by practical experience and tasks. SSA provided an opportunity to cooperate and establish contacts with students from other countries. I strongly recommend SSA to every law student.

Alumnus of SSA from Latvia, Kristiāns Dzerkaļs

Sorainen Student Academy gave me an unique opportunity to get a taste of many different practice groups and help me find one that resonated with me the most. The regional assignments gave me valuable experience in legal writing and international co-operation with other active students. Sorainen Student Academy gives an amazing kick-start to begin your career in the legal world with exclusive knowledge from top experts in their field and a wide network of practicing lawyers and law students.

Alumna of SSA from Estonia, Maarika Maripuu

Sorainen Student Academy is an excellent opportunity for students to gain invaluable knowledge from specialists in their respective fields of law. It is a unique and innovative form of self-improvement, which provides for immense opportunities for active students.

Alumnus of SSA from Estonia, Joosep Kuusk