Behind and beyond the working scene

The SORAINEN team spirit is reflected in the slogan: work hard, play hard! We believe that integration and a good working atmosphere merits our people spending time together outside the office as well. We turn every gathering into an event that will remain in our minds for a long time.

Every summer, the firm organises Summer Days. This is an event when all personnel from all SORAINEN offices meet. The event is organised each year by a different office – by Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania or Belarus. The programme includes development training, team meetings and lively get together parties.

Each legal team has local and regional team events including both a professional and a fun part. For additional insights, please also read here .

In addition to Summer Days, local offices organise other events such as sailing, kart racing, photo shoots, barbecue parties, rock climbing, canoeing and cultural (theatre and concert) events. Often we invite clients to SORAINEN office events, because they also play a vital part in our business success story.

Every year selected young lawyers from SORAINEN participate in the Young Lawyers Exchange Programme (YLEP). YLEP was established in 1994 by Danish lawyers Peter T. Nielsen and Philip S. Thorsen. The aim of the programme is to establish a vehicle for young lawyers to exchange know-how and to enhance their professional and social horizons.

We demand dedication from our personnel, but this is hard to achieve without the support of their families. Often we involve family members at office events. At least twice a year we organise picnics or family Sundays with sporting activities. At SORAINEN Estonia we have even designed a play corner for the smallest family members. In 2009, SORAINEN Estonia was awarded as the most employee- and family-friendly company in Estonia.

Each and every personnel member is vital to us, as is keeping them motivated. In addition to outstanding work results, we also celebrate personal achievements by our people, such as weddings, birth of a child, a new home, school graduation. We celebrate Secretaries' Day and organise baby showers. We also try to assure a warm welcome to all new personnel, while those who decide to accept further challenges outside our firm will receive our best wishes.

The year is summarised at the Christmas party, when we recall our successes and failures, and celebrate the upcoming holidays and the chance to be part of a friendly and hardworking team.

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