Learning and development

Throughout your career with us, you will be able to learn and develop your skills in order to become a leading expert in your specialisation and provide exceptional service to clients.

There is more to being a lawyer than knowing the law, so we will also ensure your personal development through training which also explore skills such as leadership and team building.

Our training programme, called SORAINEN Academy, is divided into three levels:

  • induction training (firm wide);
  • general training (personal, business and managerial skills);
  • legal training (specific to practice area and jurisdiction).

Training with SORAINEN starts with induction training, carried out during the few months after joining the firm. This module involves training provided by business services (Business Development & Marketing, IT and HR), partners (strategy training) and supervisors (legal team training).

The training programme continues with separate modules created for each stage of your career. Tailor made training programmes are available to improve your technical skills (IT, language, presentation, project management and time management), legal skills (according to your specialisation) and business skills (communication, business development and negotiation, media training, business etiquette).

All personnel have development discussions with their direct supervisor in order to identify training and development needs and set career objectives for the period ahead. To manage your own development, you need to know what is expected of you. Therefore, we have developed a competence model with skills you need to possess at each stage of your career as well as a 360 feedback system for everybody to use. Please read more from here.

SORAINEN Academy involves different types of training, such as internal training, where we use and share our internal know-how, as well as outsourced training provided by leading local and international experts. In addition to standard types of training, e-learning, mentoring, and coaching are increasingly in use.

In order to continuously develop our firm and also to get ideas from all personnel, in addition to SORAINEN Academy we have created a Development Forum idea for personnel (on a volunteer basis) who would like to develop our firm. Development Forums are organised regularly and run by the SORAINEN HR Team. For additional insights, please also read here .

On top of all that, our network creates opportunities for interoffice placements as well as secondments with global law firms outside our Baltic-Belarusian region. For additional insights, please read here. There are also partners with SORAINEN whose career has led them to work in more than one of our offices.

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