Insurance Overview

The unique Sorainen Baltic-Belarusian Insurance Practice Area is the regional leader in the sector, consisting of lawyers who are professionals in the field with excellent academic backgrounds and with vast experience in serving local and international insurers, insurance intermediaries and policyholders.

In the fast-developing insurance market, Sorainen Insurance Practice Area lawyers are always ready to meet client expectations and propose reliable solutions for all aspects of insurance and reinsurance.

Sorainen offers expertise in all key insurance areas in the Baltic States and Belarus, including:

  • licensing; 
  • cross-border activities; 
  • regulatory advice; 
  • insurance products; 
  • pensions; 
  • bancassurance; 
  • claims management; 
  • insurance disputes; 
  • taxation; 
  • insurance and reinsurance mediation.

The head of the Sorainen Insurance Practice Area is Rūdolfs Eņģelis, whose contacts appear below.
Local heads of the Sorainen Insurance Practice Area are:

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