Government Relations & Administrative Law Overview

Many industries face restrictive regulation and increased government intervention through regulatory measures. This makes successfully managing relationships with European Union (EU), national and local authorities an important factor in ensuring smooth operation of business activities. Sorainen offers in-depth experience in all aspects of the regulatory and administrative process based on well-developed professional relations with main governmental authorities and engagement in major business associations. For many years Sorainen has been at the forefront of legal developments at national, regional and EU level.

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Sorainen understands political, institutional and regulatory developments, enabling the firm to provide clear, strategic advice to achieve clients’ business goals. Sorainen also supports clients in making their voice heard for public opinion and initiating constructive dialogue with stakeholders. At the same time, the firm can offer private sector clients assistance that allows an understanding of the perspective of public sector players, and vice versa.

Clients value Sorainen’s straightforward advice and pragmatic solutions. The firm’s Government Relations & Administrative Law Practice Area collaborates with its Banking, Competition, Corporate, Dispute Resolution, Tax & Customs and other practice areas, approaching issues from multiple perspectives, allowing for wider economic and legal analysis. Sorainen specialists have been involved in major innovative and complex transactions, advising corporates, commercial banks, publicly funded entities, local authorities and national governments.

The Sorainen Estonia team includes high-profile lawyers with in-depth experience in government institutions plus a profound understanding of political processes, including a former Chancellor of Justice and deputy secretary general of the Ministry of Justice legal policy department. Sorainen experts have significantly contributed to harmonising Estonian constitutional and administrative law with EU legislation, developing the Estonian court system and drafting numerous private and public law acts. The firm’s specialists regularly train officials from governmental bodies, including judges, public prosecutors and ministry officials in Estonia. Additionally, experienced Sorainen lawyers have been asked to share their know-how abroad, for example providing training to officers of the European Commission in Luxembourg and advising the Institution of Ombudsman (Chancellor of Justice) in various developing democracies.

Sorainen Latvia’s wide experience in consulting the government and other state institutions on issues ranges from supporting the government bailout of the largest private bank during the financial crisis in 2008 and representing the Latvian Parliament and Cabinet of Ministers before the Constitutional Court to drafting laws and Cabinet of Ministers regulations and advising on privatisation. The office has also been involved in assisting clients in steering through the legislative process and changes in the law in various fields, including tax, gambling and energy. The team includes well known litigators as well as a previous director of the Legal Department of the Ministry of Defence and diplomatic representative of Latvia in Brussels.

Sorainen Lithuania regularly provides legal comments and suggestions related to governmental matters in banking and finance, insurance, energy, regulatory, infrastructure and other fields. Sorainen Lithuania deploys a team composed of well-known specialists with wide knowledge and significant experience of working with and within public sector institutions, thus helping ensure successful cooperation amongst governmental institutions and business entities. The team is also active in the Lithuanian Business Confederation, the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists, the Investors’ Forum and other major business associations.

The head of the Sorainen Government Relations & Administrative Law Practice Area is Allar Jõks.
Local heads of the Sorainen Government Relations & Administrative Law Practice Area are: 

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  • Participating in drafting new finance laws and regulations in Latvia including drafting a new Bank Takeover Law for the Latvian Government...

  • Representing and providing continuous legal assistance to one of the world's largest online poker organisers...

  • Providing legal support to the Latvian Venture Capital Association...

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