White-collar investigation Overview

White collar criminality has become a widespread problem in business relations. This type of crime is often related to improper use of the perpetrators special social and business status. Companies, investors and employees often suffer significant losses as a result of white-collar crime. The complexity of the law regulating the activities of the company, taxation, competition, procurement and its relationship authorities means that the company, its current and previous management and employees face real threats of prosecution.

Whether you are facing an urgent crisis or want to prevent your business from future violations Sorainen provides skilled and experienced legal assistance and representation.

We address matters related to fraud, bribery and corruption, money laundering, forgery, negligence, unauthorised benefits, unfair competition, misleading advertising, unfair commercial practices, forced and false insolvency, IP piracy and other violations. 

Sorainen can help your business navigate these issues by:

  • advising on white-collar crime prevention, including due diligence, corporate investigation, corporate compliance policies;
  • crisis-management services for companies, which have discovered or suspect that they may have become victims of crime, including assistance in internal investigations and gathering of evidence;
  • advising and representing clients in pre-trial investigations and in courts of all instances;
  • advising on settlements with prosecutors and regulators;
  • advising on asset tracing, recovery and enforcement;
  • assisting in gathering of evidence both nationally and cross-border.


Sorainen has the experience, reputation and knowledge. Our team includes former investigators, prosecutors, judges and practising criminal law litigators.

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