Sorainen economic and white collar crime resolution specialists assisted DISTRIPATES GESTION ET PARTICIPATIONS, a French distributor of frozen products for professionals in the bakery and pastry business, in asset recovery.  The case involved a cross-border criminal investigation for fraudulently transferred funds and attempted money laundering.  Sorainen’s help involved representation of the client as a victim of fraud before the Latvian judicial authorities, namely gathering evidence, cooperating with the investigation, and drafting procedural requests and submissions. 

Sorainen achieved a successful outcome by reacting quickly and obtaining a freezing order over the fraudulently transferred funds once they arrived in the Latvian bank, thus securing their recoverability. Sorainen was also in touch with the French embassy’s Police Attaché, which significantly hastened the investigation and official document exchange. Due to effective cooperation with the investigative authorities, Sorainen obtained official recognition of the client as a victim in the Latvian criminal investigation: this is uncommon in investigations involving money laundering charges. In August 2016, Sorainen obtained a final court decision and the funds were successfully returned to the client.

The client was advised by partner Agris Repšs, specialist counsel Viktorija Jarkina and associate Agita Sprûde.