CEE Legal Matters interviewed our partner Kaupo Lepasepp to discuss the current democratic situation in Estonia, recent legislation passed and the effect COVID-19 has had on the legal market.

“Overall, Estonia is doing great as a democracy, with a solid rule of law and dedication to the EU and international cooperation,” says Kaupo.

While most of the recent legislation in Estonia has been concentrated on the response to COVID-19, Kaupo believes that the Government’s economic support was “good and rational because they tried hard not to throw money away, but still gave enough to companies so they wouldn’t have to lay people off.”

“I hope for a calmer summer, and if it all goes well, dark times will be over soon,“ Kaupo adds. “If you are in deep trouble, it’s always important to acknowledge it and make it better any way that you can.” He concludes that he is cautiously optimistic and that he doesn’t believe that “COVID-19 is the biggest problem we are facing, it is only making tensions more heated. If we look around the world, tensions are growing larger and larger, perhaps that’s due to the lack of debate and discussion.”

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