The material is compiled by assistant lawyer Sofia Kurochka.

Information & Communication Technology

Date of effect: 2 May 2023

The purpose of the Digital Markets Act (DMA)  is to ensure a level playing field for all digital companies, regardless of their size. The DMA establishes a set of narrowly defined objective criteria for qualifying a large online platform as a so-called “gatekeeper”. Under Article 46 of the DMA, the European Commission (the Commission) has been empowered to adopt implementing acts laying down rules concerning certain procedural aspects of the DMA. DMA became applicable on 2 May 2023, and potential gatekeepers that meet the quantitative thresholds established have until 3 July to notify their core platform services to the Commission.

See also: Guidelines on the DMA, Commission’s Q&A.

Commission Recommendation on combating online piracy of sports and other live events

Published: 4 May 2023

Recommendation encourages Member States, national authorities, holders of rights and providers of intermediary services to take effective, balanced and appropriate measures to fight unauthorised retransmissions of such streamings, in full compliance with fundamental rights and personal data protection rules. It  also enhances the cooperation amongst the relevant national authorities, and between rightholders and intermediaries to better tackle the phenomenon of unauthorised retransmissions of live events.

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EDPS Annual Report 2022

Published: 27 April 2023

The European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) presented his Annual Report 2022. The report provides an overview of the EDPS’ ‘most significant activities’ throughout the year.



Date of effect: 2 May 2023

The European Commission adopted temporary preventive measures on imports of a limited number of products from Ukraine under the exceptional safeguard of the Autonomous Trade Measures Regulation. The measures concern four agricultural products – wheat, maize, rapeseed and sunflower seed – originating in Ukraine. The measures will last until 5 June 2023.

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Status: Awaiting Parliament’s position in 1st reading

The Council and the European Parliament reached a provisional political agreement on a proposal aiming to decarbonise the aviation sector and create a level playing field for a sustainable air transport (ReFuelEU aviation initiative). The proposal aims to increase both demand for and supply of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF), while ensuring a level playing field across the EU air transport market.

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Adopted: 26 April 2023

Date of effect: 16 May 2023

This Regulation assigns strengthened emission reduction targets to each Member State for buildings, road and domestic maritime transport, agriculture, waste and small industries. These targets recognise the different starting points and capacities of each country. The update reflects the increased ambition enshrined in the European Climate Law.



Adopted: 03 May 2023

The Act in Support of Ammunition Production (ASAP) is a direct response to the Council’s call to urgently deliver ammunition, and if requested missiles, to Ukraine and to help Member States refill their stocks. a response to track 3 of the plan agreed by the Council on 20 March, to urgently deliver ammunition and missiles to Ukraine and to help Member States refill their stocks. By introducing targeted measures including financing, the Act aims at ramping up the EU’s production capacity and addressing the current shortage of ammunition and missiles as well as their components. It will support the destocking from Member States (track 1) and the joint procurement for ammunition (track 2).

See also: Press release



Guidance for the safe management of hazardous medicinal products at work

Published: 28 April 2023

This European Commission guide provides practical examples for reducing workers’ exposure to hazardous medicinal products across all lifecycle stages: production, transport and storage, preparation, administration to human patients and animal patients as well as waste management. The non-binding guidance offers a broad range of practical advice for workers, employers, public authorities and safety experts to underpin their approaches to workers’ protection from hazardous medicinal products.



Adopted: 28 April 2023

As from 1 July 2023, imports into the EU of products originating in Seychelles shall benefit from the preferential tariff treatment provided for in the interim Economic Partnership Agreement, exclusively upon submission of invoice declarations made out:

  • by exporters from Seychelles registered in the EU’s REX system; or
  • by any exporter for any consignment whose total value of originating products does not exceed EUR 6 000.

Commission’s complementary proposals to the Unitary Patent system

Published: 27 April 2023

The European Commission published reform proposals arising out of the IP Action Plan. The proposals published cover reforms relating to Supplementary Protection Certificates (SPCs), Standard Essential Patents (SEPs) and the EU’s compulsory licensing (CL) regime. Together these make up what the Commission has called its “patent package”.

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