Our Life Sciences & Healthcare team has prepared a summary of measures adopted up to April 14 2020 in Latvia specifically targeted at Life Sciences companies.

The government has issued an order limiting export of pharmaceuticals necessary for treatment of Covid-19. The State Medicines Agency will publish a list of pharmaceuticals on its website based on the World Health Organization’s recommendations.

The State Medicines Agency keeps an update on temporarily closed pharmacies on its website.

Companies which hold permits for the performance of polluting activities may begin production of disinfectants and other essential goods. Consent from the State Environmental Service is necessary.

A sick-leave certificate of up to 14 days from the date of arrival in Latvia is granted without medical examination to employees of medical treatment and social care institutions returning from a Covid-19 affected territory.

The Ministry of Healthcare has set limitations on healthcare services available during the Covid-19 related emergency. This does not apply to emergency health services and services that ensure continuity of treatment, including dental services in acute cases and rehabilitation services related to risk of disability.

The government has issued an order allowing employers to postpone mandatory health checks for employees until the end of the Covid-19 related emergency.

State capital companies, local governments and their institutions are allowed to acquire goods and services necessary for accommodation, supervision, catering, hygiene, safety and movement of their residents and personnel, without organizing public procurement.