Sorainen Student Academy Programme 2017/2018 Belarus

Workshop 1 Opening Meeting
Workshop 2 Real Estate
Workshop 3 Intellectual Property
Workshop 4 Legal Research and Analysis
Workshop 5 M&A Transactions
Workshop 6 Project Finance
Workshop 7 Startups: Legal Aspects
Workshop 8 Final Meeting

*Workshops will be held at the Sorainen office. The exact dates and times of workshops will be notified to participants by email. The organisers may change the programme.

We welcome student applicants who:

  • are at least in their second year of law studies
  • are eager to learn, and motivated to study, practical legal issues
  • are fluent in English
  • show good academic progress

To apply, please fill in the questionnaire and send it to Elena Sheveleva at (phone +375 17 3062102) no later than 30 September.

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