FutureLaw 2023

Toimumiskoht: Paadi 5, Tallinn, Estonia
Toimumisaeg: mai 26-27, 2023
Ürituse keel: inglise keel

Legal practice will undergo unprecedented changes in the next few years due to technology and its implementation into the legal industry. It is therefore imperative that legal professionals develop their digital skills and prepare for the future of law.

Discover the New Age of Legal Technology – FutureLaw 2023 takes place in Tallinn, Estonia on 26-27 May.

Our senior partner Aku Sorainen will be taking the stage to talk about maximising the ROI of legaltech why the legal field should change now.

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  • 26/05/2023

    Maximizing the ROI of Legaltech

    Aku Sorainen

  • 11:35

    Panel: Why the Legal Field Should Change Now

    Aku Sorainen, Pekka Puolakka, Valentin Feklistov, Holger Zscheyge