Our Life Sciences & Healthcare team has prepared a summary of measures adopted up to April 14 2020 in Belarus specifically targeted at Life Sciences companies.

The government has banned export of some medical goods until at least 1 June: respirators, chemical protection suits, bandages, cotton wool, gauze, medical gloves and masks, etc.

The Ministry of Healthcare has limited sales of some medical products until at least 7 June: one person at any one time can buy a maximum of 40 paracetamol tablets, 40 arpetol tablets, 10 flustop capsules, 1 pack of antiseptics, 10 masks & 5 pairs of gloves.

The Eurasian Economic Union Commission cancelled customs fees for imports of some medical products until at least 30 June: endoscopes, non-contact thermometers, disposable pipettes, mobile disinfection systems.