Today the Estonian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Urmas Reinsalu, awarded individuals who have shown continuous and outstanding contribution to ensuring Estonia’s independence and worked on promoting the nation’s interests abroad, with a service medal from the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Our founding partner Aku Sorainen was one of the few to receive such recognition.

Aku, who moved to Estonia during the 90’s, has always been passionate about developing relations between Estonia and Finland and supporting Finnish businesses in the Baltics and Belarus. For his work over two decades, Aku was awarded the Knight’s Cross, First Class, of the Order of the Lion of Finland by the president of Finland a few years ago. Additionally Aku also serves as honorary consul of the Republic of Malta.

The service medal of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs was awarded to individuals who have developed Estonian life both here and abroad with dedication over the years. Recipients included diplomats, journalists, entrepreneurs, current and former ministers of foreign affairs and other prominent public figures.

Congratulations, Aku! We are beyond proud!