Sorainen Student Academy (SSA) is a unique international free of charge educational programme for law students. It is held annually from September to April across the Region.

The application period for Sorainen Student Academy is closed. 
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The programme includes:

  • 8 local workshops, dedicated to specific legal fields and based on real cases; the workshops involve simulation of court sessions, negotiations and client representation
  • Regional project (optional)
  • Opportunity to meet like-minded people, build a network and  get more connections to power your future career

Benefits of Sorainen Student Academy:

  • Practical legal knowledge based on the analysis of real cases conducted in an interactive format, including simulation of a court sessions, negotiating and representing the client’s interests and offering legal services to the client
  • Expansion of your professional network and establishment of important professional contacts both locally and regionally
  • Internship for the best students at their local Sorainen office
  • Submersion of the legal profession and different areas of law as well as getting acquainted with Sorainen corporate culture.

What we expect from you:

  • at least one year of law studies under your belt (currently enrolled Master’s degree students are welcome as well)
  • B2 level of English
  • outstanding academic results and/or active participation in other academic activities
  • motivation to learn and develop, proactiveness and positive attitude

Here’s what Sorainen Student Academy 2021/2022 graduates/alumni say:

The best way to illustrate why everybody should apply for Sorainen Student Academy is the “before” and “after”. Before participating in SSA, I was just at a crossroads, wandering around the countless spheres of the legal profession, not quite sure what to do. Having attended lectures and workshops conducted by experts in different fields, I have gained practical knowledge about practices and sectors, as well as realising which one I find the most appealing: dispute resolution. In addition to that, SSA provided amazing networking opportunities, which have later come in handy on multiple occasions. I am happy to have been part of this wonderful 10-year tradition and I strongly advise you to do the same. You will not regret it!

Boris Kruglikov, Belarus

Sorainen Student Academy is a great project for law students who are still in the process of discovering what area of law expertise they are most interested in. The lectures are not only educational but interesting and even fun as well. This project helped me to understand better what it would be like to work in the legal field. A few months after the SSA graduation, I started working at Sorainen as an assistant lawyer thanks to the connections and experience I gained at this academy.

Paula Šūtava, Latvia

When I hear “Sorainen Student Academy”, I hear the biggest trampoline of my career so far! It has truly been an immensely valuable experience, and it just keeps on giving. Hearing lectures from practitioning lawyers who express true passion for their craft is a breath of fresh air compared to necessary but often boring university lectures. The main courses are just seldom enough that they don’t interfere with university work, and if you are hungry for more knowledge, there is the option to participate in extra activities. The people at Sorainen have an eye for talent and hard work, being the clear leader in our region among law firms, I think it’s almost a sin to not try for yourself, and, hey, who knows, maybe you’ll be the next big prospect.

Krišjānis Kaļāns, Latvia

Sorainen Student Academy is a great opportunity to get to know the legal profession more closely. At the academy I had a chance to improve my legal knowledge and acquire practical skills. The academy was useful not only in choosing the legal fields that I am interested in and would like to work with in future, but it is also a great tool to strengthen the academic results.

Nedas Tamašauskas, Lithuania

Participation in this programme was very useful and valuable for me, because I not only got to know Sorainen and its people, but also gained new knowledge. The academy proved that legal work does not have to be boring and based only on theory. The workshops led by the experts were interesting and engaging and most importantly, we (students) had a chance to try ourselves in two court simulations (civil proceedings and labour law disputes). I evaluate Sorainen Student Academy very positively and I would recommend it to others, especially for third-year students – if you don’t know which field of law to choose at university, this programme will definitely help you decide.

Gustė Virkutytė, Lithuania

Being a part of Sorainen Student Academy is the best experience I have ever had in my time as a law student. We were all made to feel like a part of the Sorainen family from the first meeting. Every seminar was informative and showed a little insight into the work done here, and it was never just a slideshow with a monologue. The presenters were fun and engaging and the people were lovely. Every meet-up was filled with so many positive emotions and so much motivation. It was an incredible experience and I’m honoured to have been a part of it. I recommend everyone give themselves a chance to have this opportunity.

Sandra Teras, Estonia

I applied to SSA because a good friend who also participated in the programme recommended it. In addition, it seemed like a great opportunity to see what the law firm was like before beginning the internship. SSA gave a lot! As a student, being on the legal scene, there are so many different fields in front of you, about which you know nothing. However, SSA was the perfect place to get an initial look at each field. In addition, I made many interesting and new acquaintances, because all the participants and also the employees of Sorainen were very inspiring and nice. I recommend that everyone take this step and apply to SSA, be an active listener and get to know Sorainen’s lawyers and staff.

Birke Vahesaar, Estonia