Sorainen Student Academy (SSA) is a unique international free of charge educational programme for law students. It is held annually from October to April across the Region.

The application period for Sorainen Student Academy is now closed!

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The programme includes:

  • local workshops, dedicated to specific legal fields and based on real cases; the workshops involve simulation of court sessions, negotiations and client representation
  • Regional project (optional)
  • Opportunity to meet like-minded people, build a network and get more connections to power your future career

Benefits of Sorainen Student Academy:

  • Practical legal knowledge based on the analysis of real cases conducted in an interactive format, including simulation of a court sessions, negotiating and representing the client’s interests and offering legal services to the client
  • Expansion of your professional network and establishment of important professional contacts both locally and regionally
  • Internship for the best students at their local Sorainen office
  • Submersion of the legal profession and different areas of law as well as getting acquainted with Sorainen corporate culture.

What we expect from you:

  • at least one year of law studies under your belt (currently enrolled Master’s degree students are welcome as well)
  • B2 level of English
  • outstanding academic results and/or active participation in other academic activities
  • motivation to learn and develop, proactiveness and positive attitude

Here’s what Sorainen Student Academy 2022/2023 graduates/alumni say:

I am thankful to the Sorainen Student Academy for three important aspects: a clear understanding of different practice areas of law, the opportunity to network with like-minded students and the best professionals in the field, and a chance to start my law career at Sorainen – the leading law firm in the Baltics. SSA provides an opportunity to educate yourself, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a law firm, and showcase your potential, which will undoubtedly be recognized if you are enthusiastic and ready to grow and become the best version of yourself!

Nikola Cīparsone, Latvia

There are many things I enjoyed about SSA. After all, it led me to become a part of Sorainen! The lectures were delivered by experienced professionals who excel in their field. The sessions provided me with insight and a new perspective on what the profession of a lawyer could entail when working in an international business law firm. The atmosphere was always pleasant and friendly, making it easy to engage and ask questions. I loved participating in the SSA Regional Project, which taught me a lot about the importance of skillful communication, as opposed to arguing when negotiating agreements between parties. I always left SSA lectures feeling motivated and inspired. Part of it was that I could have stayed home and watched movies or something else, but instead, I chose to enroll in SSA and received a really useful supplementary education. I have come to the conclusion that being proactive and not shying away from opportunities is bound to have a positive effect on your life. Consider applying!

Pēteris Pauls Baķis, Latvia

Sorainen Student Academy was a great opportunity to broaden my view of the law and gain insight into various areas of law that are not given much attention at university. The lectures are conducted by excellent lecturers who are knowledgeable in their field and can answer all your questions. The lectures themselves are interesting, engaging, and encourage active participation as well as critical thinking. In addition to informative lectures, the Academy also offers the opportunity to learn about dispute resolution processes in specific branches of law (civil procedure staging, labour dispute staging) and to try your hand at regional negotiations.

Ieva Tučkutė, Lithuania

During Sorainen Student Academy, I gained a lot of knowledge. The lecture material was presented very simply and clearly, with real-life examples, which helped me to remember and understand the information. The lecturers were very well-prepared and enthusiastic for every session, so it was exciting to listen and participate. Overall, there was a feeling of great organization and attention to the students throughout the whole process. Moreover, SSA has allowed me to meet many great people and continue my journey at Sorainen.

Kamilė Baranauskaitė, Lithuania

My experience at the Sorainen Student Academy was genuinely exceptional. From the moment I walked through the doors, I was greeted with warmth and enthusiasm from both the people at Sorainen and my fellow participants. The program provided a unique blend of practical legal knowledge, networking opportunities among fellow law students, and hands-on experience, allowing us to delve deep into complex cases and real-world scenarios. During the program, we humorously discovered that even defining “soup” in law can be tricky, but it taught us the importance of precise legal interpretations. The Sorainen Student Academy enhanced my legal knowledge and provided a supportive and nurturing environment for personal and professional growth. It was a genuinely enriching experience I will carry with me throughout my legal career.

Annika Kask , Estonia

SSA is a unique project where students have the opportunity to become acquainted with areas of law they are not able to study in their first years of university. It was an exciting and eye-opening experience that introduced me to the daily work of lawyers. Thanks to SSA, job opportunities in legal fields immediately became more interesting, and I gained an overview of the areas I would like to be involved in in the future. During the project, I was able to interact with several professionals in their field who were happy to answer my questions and share their experiences. All in all, I gained useful knowledge of legal theory and a good insight into modern work culture.

Moon Lokk, Estonia

The Sorainen Student Academy is not only an opportunity to grow professionally and expand your network, but it also offers participation in interactive workshops, regional projects, case studies, openness to discussion, and access to useful materials – all this and more await you.

Anastasiya Pyshnaya-Muryna, Belarus

Participation in the Academy is an important stage in the development of my legal career. It’s a great opportunity to immerse yourself in different practices, engage in international negotiations, and practice networking – lots of networking! It was fantastic to dive into the practical side of the profession while still being grounded in theory. I wish prosperity and even more energetic students to this wonderful project.

Nikita Sidkov, Belarus

Studying at the Sorainen Student Academy was very useful and exciting. I’d like to express my gratitude to the team from the Sorainen office in Minsk for explaining complex legal and business processes in a simple way. Thanks to the Academy in general, I not only met colleagues and friends but also discovered the legal field in which I want to immerse myself in the future.

Ekaterina Borodavkina, Belarus