Government Relations (GR) is an integral part of any democratic process.

Sorainen recognises that legislation and policy decisions across a wide range of sectors may impact clients and the general public as significantly as court judgments or even more.

Sorainen acknowledges that any GR has a legal and/or tax component and Sorainen has a responsibility to provide professional legal and tax services to its clients while that may include providing GR related services.

The purpose of Sorainen GR practice group is to help clients, to the extent permissible under applicable law, to achieve changes in the law or vice versa – to help maintain the existing law and regulations unchanged.



To advance public trust and confidence in our democratic institutions, as well as the integrity of the public policy advocacy process, Sorainen will always act in an ethical manner in its dealings and will maintain honesty, integrity and fairness while involved in GR.

Sorainen will provide GR services only to such clients, whose intentions are in conformity with the public interest and Sorainen values and core purpose – to increase prosperity in our region by helping clients succeed in business.

Sorainen will respect the fair administration of justice and legislative process and act with courtesy towards the persons with opposing interests and opinions.

While performing GR, Sorainen aims to inform the decisionmakers and the public about the potential influences that the planned legislative amendments, or lack thereof, might have. While doing so Sorainen seeks to provide them with factually correct, current and accurate information



While performing GR Sorainen lawyers must follow the applicable laws and regulations. Sorainen lawyers will not directly or indirectly offer or imply the offering of any gifts, favours or other benefits to anyone involved in the GR, which exceed the limit of customary courtesy or which are not permitted by law.

Sorainen lawyers must at all times remain informed on changes in the law and regulations that affect the rights and responsibilities regarding participation in the GR even in the absence of special law regulating GR activities.