Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event 2022: Chain of title – how to make sure you acquire all rights that you are later required to transfer further?

Toimumiskoht: Nordic Hotel Forum
Toimumisaeg: 15.30, november 24, 2022
Ürituse keel: inglise keel

The key growing business platform in the region, Industry @ Tallinn & Baltic Event is a summit and trade fair for audiovisual industry professionals held annually in November during the Black Nights Film Festival – one of the largest and the only FIAPF-certified competitive feature film festival in Northern Europe.

From an inbound perspective, we will talk about the assignment and licensing of copyrights (both economic and moral) and related rights. From an outbound perspective, we will look into differentiating primary, secondary and ancillary rights. The discussion will therefore involve the rights of various contributors to the film (screenwriters, actors, crew members) on the one hand and the rights of the production company on the other.

Read more about the event here.