AmCham Vaccination Round Table

Place: Law Firm Sorainen
Time: 09.30, October 31, 2023

On October 31, AmCham held its second Round Table meeting with policymakers, dedicated to the topic of Vaccination Confidence and its impact on the economy and labor market. The main objective of the meeting was to determine the future agenda and to understand the various expectations from different policymakers and private companies.

The primary topics that all policymakers are focusing on are different vaccinations, including HPV, COVID, and influenza vaccination. Data quality is essential, and there is consideration of the possibility of offering vaccinations in pharmacies.

The next meeting, scheduled for spring, will focus on learning from other countries and how they are addressing similar problems.


  1. Rain Laane, Tervisekassa
  2. Hanna Jäe, Tervisekassa
  3. Maia-Triin Kanarbik, Sotsiaalministeerium
  4. Irina Filippova, Terviseamet
  5. Kärt Sõber, Terviseamet 

AmCham representatives:

  1.  Kadi Lubi, Pfizer
  2.  Alice Kivistik, Pfizer
  3.  Hanno Püttsepp, AstraZeneca
  4.  Elo Tamm, COBALT law firm
  5.  Lise-Lotte Lääne, Sorainen
  6. Andres Müürsepp, MSD Estonia
  7.  Kadri Päll, MSD Estonia