AML Conference Estonia 2023

Place: Hestia Hotel Europa
Time: 08.30-17.00, November 2, 2023
Working language: Estonian, English

AML Conference 2023 focuses on the leading role of the banking sector in combating AML/CTF and gives in-depth expertise on what has happened and will be happening soon in the Nordic-Baltic banking, credit, investment and other financial sectors markets. Regulators (FIU, FSA, Ministry of Finance) and other State agencies and international institutions (EBA, IMF) give in-depth analysis, professional expertise and recommendations on building an effective Anti-money laundering ecosystem for both banking and non-banking sectors.

Our partner Norman Aas leads the discussion round that focuses on Estonia’s participation in the development of sanctions and support from market participants, the implementation of new sanctions packages, the different practices of interpreting sanctions in Europe, sanctions evasion schemes and much more.

  • Norman Aas

    Norman Aas