Legal500 webinar: Managing partners in discussion – Challenges in the wake of Covid19 and beyond

Place: Online
Time: 11:00, February 22, 2022
Working language: English

See the recording here.

On February 22 Legal500, one of the leading legal directories is hosting a webinar featuring the managing partners of Central and Eastern Europe’s elite law firms for a discussion regarding challenges in the wake of Covid19 and beyond. Our founder and senior partner, Aku Sorainen, will be among the panel of well-respected specialists.

For many firms located in Central and Eastern Europe, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought with it several challenges. From finding and holding on to talented new practitioners, to withstanding strong salary pressures from international firms, to navigating a complex web of varying political landscapes. In this context, please join a discussion with the managing partners of elite firms across the region as our leading experts discuss, among other things:

  • The importance of strong corporate culture in law firms: can a strong purpose in a firm translate into a solid competitive advantage in the marketplace?
  • Re-evaluating firms’ business model: have recent cultural/social/technological factors made the original business model of law firms, originating in the 1970s and 80s, obsolete? How can law firms adapt to change?
  • The differences between national and international law firms in the CEE region.
  • The challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic: damage or opportunity?
  • Attracting and holding on to talent: how law firms reinvent themselves to become an attractive destination for the younger generation of lawyers.