Tokenomics Regulation Dilemma

Place: Workland, Tallinn & online
Time: 18:00, November 1, 2022

Web3 offers a vast new frontier for businesses and entrepreneurs—but it also presents risks that are difficult to assess.


How can you start the right way and avoid legal pitfalls?
Which token types require a license and which don’t?
Can you afford to wait until regulation catches up with the industry?


Vattan, a startup influencer who founded Founderly and Internet Native Organization, sits down with Mari-Liis Kukk, (head of innovation department, Finantsinspektsioon), Kirill Lezeiko, (head of banking and finance, PwC Legal), Frédéric Hubin, (board member, CoinsPaid), Oliver Ämarik, (associate, Sorainen) and Raido Saar, (chairman, Eesti Krüptoraha Liit) to talk about crypto regulation in Estonia.


They’ll discuss the current state of regulation, prerequisites for a crypto company and activities that require licenses with plenty of time for questions.

The event is co-organised by Eesti Krüptoraha Liit and Founderly.