Get to know the charities we’ve helped this year

  • Head Matters (Estonia)

    Established in 2009 by Estonian mental health specialists, the NGO is focused on raising awareness of mental health, addressing stigmatisation of psychiatric illnesses and improving accessibility to mental health services by referring young people to appropriate help.

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  • The Bethel Centre Of Pastoral Care (Estonia)

    Established in 2000, their work is primarily oriented towards risk-group children and youth, directing them back in studies and involving them into socially accepted activities. The main goals are to decrease poverty and exclusion and prevent crime.

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  • Mental Health Perspectives (Lithuania)

    Established in 2000, this NGO aims for positive changes in the mental health system, advocates for society’s fundamental right to accessible, evidence-based and person-centred services, and strives to prioritise mental health at a political level.

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  • IMENA (Belarus)

    IMENA is a non-profit charitable media platform which collects donations for the work of public organisations that successfully resolve social problems in Belarus. This time Sorainen supported the project “Education for children with autism”.

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  • ''ESI'' Mental Health Support Fund (Latvia)

    The Mental Health Support Fund (ESI) was set up to provide financial support to people in need of help with mental health problems, to support initiatives to improve mental health care and to raise public awareness of the importance of mental health.

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  • “Dod pieci!” Charity marathon (Latvia)

    The 2020 Dod pieci! charity marathon will focus on the complex and multifaceted topic of domestic violence, to highlight emotional, physical, financial and other types of violence between family members, and to discuss the consequences and roadmaps to ensure options for starting a new life.

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