On 8 December 2018, a report entitled “Structured Settlements for Corruption Offences: Towards Global Standards?” edited by the Anti-Corruption Committee of the International Bar Association (IBA) was published.

The report was produced as part of an Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) project on structured settlement standards in global corruption cases. The objective of the report was to map evolving settlement practices for corruption cases in countries across the globe. The report was prepared with a view to adding to the growing discussion on whether, and to what extent, a need exists for global standards.

Production of the OECD project, which was initiated in 2016, involved experts from 66 different countries, who offered their assessment of the peculiarities of national legislative acts regarding the discretion of the prosecutor and other parties concerned to reach a structured agreement in corruption cases. The following team of experts from our office were invited as contributors from Latvia: partner Agris Repšs, counsel Viktorija Jarkina, associates Toms Vilnis and Madara Meïòika, as well as legal assistant Toms Kârlis Broks.

The report was presented by the IBA Anti-Corruption Committee during the OECD Consultation on Fighting Foreign Bribery, which was held on 11 December at the OECD Conference Centre, Paris.

The report in English is available here: http://www.oecd.org/corruption/anti-bribery/IBA-Structured-Settlements-Report-2018.pdf