Cooperation between Riga Graduate School of Law (RGSL) library and Sorainen law firm, which successfully started more than 20 years ago, is continuing. Thanks to Sorainen’s support, the library collection is regularly supplemented with valuable books useful to legal professionals. Sorainen partner and graduate of RGSL – Valts Nerets emphasises: This long-term cooperation has been very valuable both for the Sorainen law firm and for the Riga Graduate School of Law. We have made our contribution to the improvement of the university’s collection of law sciences and raising the quality of student education. We look forward to future collaborative projects that will further improve the university’s library and help the Riga Graduate School of Law stand out in the international world of law.”

To researchers, the RGSL library offers the world’s largest legal databases, such as Westlaw, HeinOnline and Kluwer Law Online, as well as the Oxford University Press legal literature databases.