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One of the major reasons why Sorainen is a preferred legal partner for businesses in the Industrials sector is how well-established our processes are. For you this means advanced project management, expedited communications, rational use and control of your legal budgets, and transparency in processes. When we tackle novel projects, we can draw upon the combined experience of our integrated international team. And, if we are honest, we simply like industrial projects – we truly enjoy helping to set up enterprises which create new jobs and manufacture goods that are in high demand on local and international markets.

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Integrated on all levels

Due to the scale and the multi-layered nature of industrial projects, interaction between teams and the various professionals and offices involved is especially important. A typical journey for a joint venture would be first with the corporate, regulatory and tax teams, and then intellectual property and commercial contracts teams. And for all of these you have one point of contact to provide instructions and receive updates on the project’s progress and on budget utilisation. When it comes to cross-border projects, you would be dealing with a single team of lawyers spread across several different countries.

Extremely hands-on

We like to get away from our desks and visit our clients’ manufacturing sites, and to have you walk us through the production lines and processes. This boosts our levels of expertise and allows us to spot legal angles that may otherwise have gone under the radar. So when your lawyers say they would like to visit, you’re not in trouble – you’re in for a good time and added value too.

Diverse experience

We have supported clients in implementing business projects in a really wide range of industries: FMCG, automotive, hardware, construction materials, machinery components, mining, textiles, wood-working, production of commercial equipment – you name it. The expertise we have accumulated from the numerous legal and tax issues across the region that our clients in the Industrials sector have trusted us to solve means we are equipped to tackle projects of any scale and level of complexity for you.

Driving international cooperation trends

Industrial cooperation between countries is continuing and developing, and at Sorainen we take full advantage of our links throughout the region in facilitating bilateral intercountry cooperation.

We can help you with

  • Acquisition of assets in various industries
  • Establishing joint ventures
  • Greenfield and brownfield investment projects
  • Making use of free economic zone regimes and other investment incentives
  • Corporate structuring
  • Creating contractual frameworks
  • Protecting your intellectual property
  • Land use, construction and environmental issues
  • Employment relations
  • IT matters

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